P-F09: Week 3 NCAA Results

(Updated 9/21/09 1:32PM)


I understand that my views don't necessarily represent the views of the league, but this is my post. You can have your own ! :) (seriously, just let me know)

Texas made things right again... USC lost... Florida St. remembered what it was like to win and reminded BYU that they were BYU (making that ou loss sting a little more). What a Saturday!

As a football fan, I was disappointed in the VT/Nebraska game and (to a much lesser extent) the Florida/Tennessee game. Kiffin can spin it all he wants, there ain't no such thing as a moral victory... especially in Div-1A BCS Conference play. I haven't heard a sand pirate play the "at least the game was under the spread" card yet, but if I do, it will be quickly followed by a "Child Please!"

Damnit... I've got a scratch in my throat. If I were speaking this post instead of typing it, you guys would be really annoyed with me throat clearing already.

I'm no VT or Nebraska fan, but this play was pretty sweet. I bet we see this again as a contender for a play of the year ESPY or something.

Aggie basketball > Aggie football?

Get yo 'stache on!



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