Week 18 NFL Bonus – New Year’s Resolution

Last NFL card of '09... last card of NFL Pick'em 09.

Answer convention:
Game Initials, Team Name – Resolution
My comments
Bonus Points (0-4 points available)

KZ, Suck It #15
to pick better next year. oh, and to lose a couple lbs. before our trip to the bvi's, i've been hitting the budweiser pretty hard this football season.
I probably won't be the first to tell you, "it must be rough."
+4 points

KH, Mr. Smokey Pants
Go to more Longhorn games!
If that means more post-gates and old school rap gazebo parties then I support that resolution.
+4 points

KW, Dallas D-Bags
Go pay the 'donation' for participation in this most excellent pick em league.
Max points for the "most excellent" part.
+4 points

CC, Dallas Novacain
Go To regain my pick'em mojo before next season starts.
+4 points

DW, Bevo XIV
None for me, thanks.
Bonus points? Or Resolutions?
+2 points

AN, The MotherLoad
Follow an all beer all the time diet to lose weight : -) The key is to drink only really good beer with high alcohol so you pass out and don't eat. If the level is too low you get the munchies. I have it all worked out : -)
Uhhhh… brilliant!!
+4 points

A-C, Amy/Carrie's Team
Hmmmmm, good question.
I know, that is why I wrote it.
+2 points

GN, Ferments-A-Lot
Drink mo' betta beer... make mo' betta picks.
Equals mo' betta football seasons.
+4 points

JC, Justin's Team
Drink Make better pickem picks.
I know, that was why it was part of my resolution.
+4 points

KS, DonkeyStyle
I will never bench my starters when I can achieve perfection.
Signed, Wes Welker.
+4 points

RK, BlitzKrieg
I Stop making half-ass picks from my phone at 5 til game time… AND I was a bit hasty with the previous resolution. My new year's resolution is to figure out a way to lock Craig James in a dark closet for good. I'll make room in there for Millen as well.
If I could give you 12 points, I would have.
+4 points


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