P-F13: Week 2 NFL Results

How about those Cowboys and Texans, huh? Both are on pace to be undefeated this year.  

One person correctly picked Tennessee over Pittsburgh (DT, Dirt Burglars). One person incorrectly picked the Bills over the Patriots (DT, Dirt Burglars). Ballsy week 1 picks. DT finished with 10 of 16.

How'd you do? Check it.

  • Weekly Winner(s) = 3 pts: GF, JB, DD, DR
  • Double Digit Card (10+ picks correct) = 3 pts: KW, KH, KZ, CCa, GF, JH, CCo, DCo, A-C, JB, JC, JN, KP, DD, DT, ANe, CS, DR
  • Game of the Week = 3 pts to everyone who correctly picked Philly and Houston: KW, CCa, A-C, JC, CS, DDi
  • Best Bets = 5 pts if all are correct: CCa, DD, GF, JH, JB, KP, KH, MN
  • Paid Entry Week = 1 pt every week: ANo, GN, DW, RK, A-C, KP, DD, DDi
  • More INTs Thrown= 3 pts: Look, you guys. It's ALWAYS Romo. It has never NOT been Romo. This week, it WASN'T FREAKING ROMO. Congrats to KW, JH, and MN who didn't pick Romo and accidentally got the answer correct (E. Manning, 3 INTs)
It is Pick'em Week 2, even though it is NFL Week 1. Makes sense, right?

Should this Suh hit have carried a suspension? Dude is a repeat offender.


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