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P-F13 Fat or Ginger. What would you rather be? (Week 3 NFL Bonus)

Mario Batali has it all, but if you had to pick, what would you rather be?

Red on the head, fire in the bed. 24%
  1. Beelzebubbles (CCo): A ginger quarterback for sure.  My almost albino skin will reflect from
    the Sun blinding the oncoming defense.  My receivers will be equipped with polarized glasses for UV protection so they will not be affected.  I will also then have a penis, because I am a boy.
    I'm not going to touch that one. +2
  2. Bevo XIV (DW): Ginger, as long as I can be slow, too.
    Slow is easy. Fast is hard. +1
  3. Lost Cause (JH): Ginger quarterback - can't handle the fat.
    Mmmm. Handling the fat. +2
  4. Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C): OMG, Gingy all the way.
    Mmmm. All the way. +1
  5. Gig'em! (AP): Ginger fo sho!
    I think you'd make an adorable ginger. Let's do this! +1
  6. AccidentChild (MN): Is this really a question? Am I missing something? Ginger.
    You are missing the part where most of the league would rather be fat than ginger, but other than that... +1
Fat is where it's at, gingers have no souls. 60%
  1. The Northmen (ANo): Fat - A) I get to eat whatever I want 2) I wouldn't be so raw chicken
    white and burn easily and C) being fat would give me more cushion in case I get hit!
    i) solid reasoning +2
  2. Inconsistent Losers (ANe): As long as I still get to play, I might as well enjoy all the food that goes with being a football player.
    I hear that people are just throwing the food at the football players. +1
  3. Chicainery (CCa): Fat - a little cushion for all the hits a QB takes seems prudent, whereas a ginger would just get hit harder.
    Totally prudent. +2
  4. Pluckbear (CS): Make me FAT baby
    Your place or mine? +1
  5. 15 National Championships (CG): Can't trust a ginger... Fatty all da way.
    Mostly because it's hard to concentrate on what they are saying because of the hair (but you should be able to trust yourself) +1
  6. Mississippi Mudpuppies (DR): FAT!
    Enthusiastically fat. Obese maybe. +1
  7. Ferments-A-Lot (GN): A fat QB is great, but a left handed fat relief pitcher is really the holy grail. +2
  8. Pimp Possee (JB): fat quarterback, cue Jared Lorenzen!
    Holy bacon. Thanks for the reminder. I just spent about 5 minutes catching up on Jared. +2
  9. The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC): Fat, a la Jamarcus Russell... You get INSANE money for almost zero success at your job before you retire to wear Cosby sweaters for the rest of your days.
    And the pudding pops. +2
  10. Yazoo Meat Muffins (KP): What? Do you mean ginger like thin, scrawny? Or ginger as in the spice to make gingerbread cookies (hmmm, hungry now). I guess if I ate a lot of gingerbread cookies I would be a fat quarterback like JaMarcus Russell and get picked in the first round by the a dumb team like the Raiders or Jags...make my millions and ride off in the sunset after destroying the franchise for a decade.
    I don't think we can put Oakland's ineptitude as a franchise on Russel. He was only a small part of their mistakes. +2
  11. Mad Bomber (KZ): Fat
    Agreed. +1
  12. 93Bronco (GF): Fat QB. At least fat QB's could still get laid... Nobody touches a ginger.
    Little known fact: If you touch a ginger, you steal his good luck. But don't worry about the ginger. It grows back. +2
  13. The Creekside Purple Sacks (KH): Phat, mos def. Pretty, hot, and tempting.
    Money talks. +2
  14. The Paperboys (KW): I'd rather be a fat quarterback because at least there's a reason why I'm fat.  It's because I have a steady diet of unhealthy and delicious foods such as bone in rib eyes, bacon fat ice cream, Chex Mix and the like.  There just isn't an excuse for a Ginger Quarterback.
    Literally no excuse, I say. +2

    And my favorite answer...
  15. One Man Wolfpack (MF): Fat. Ginger is forever.
I'd rather try out some comedy, because that usually gets more points. 16%
  1. Double D (DD): If I'm a ginger quarterback do I get ginger snaps?
    Ba-dum cheeeesh. +2
  2. Dirt Burglars (DT): How 'bout a fat, balding ginger quarterback.
    And rich. +2
  3. Naked Bootleggers (JN): If your asking would I'd rather be Big Ben or Andy Dalton, I'd pick Romo, yes those two are that bad of an option.
    Wrong. No one wants to be Romo anymore. +1
  4. Barrel Aged Donkey (KS): Stupidest question ever.  I'll take either and then retire in 4 years.
    Stupidest answer ever. -1000


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