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P-F13: Your School Sucks, and it is Stupid Too (Week 2 NCAA Bonus)

The Clowney hype is stupid. +3
Northmen (ANo): Here's hoping Clowney's "feeling better" this week. 

Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C): Wtf's my birthday.
Birthday's suck. +1

Chicainery (CCa): I'm so hopelessly out of touch with college football that I got nuthin fo ya. Filling this out sitting in an airplane in Frankfurt.
Airplanes are awesome. Cell phone rules in airplanes are stupid. +1

Beelzebubbles (CCo): The more pick-em's I do the less I get you.  Is it more me or is it more you? I want to say its you.
Couples get that way with each other. Love sucks. It's definitely you. +1

Longhorn Johnny
Double D (DD)
Johnny doesn't suck, and neither does that fake Longhorn tattoo. Manziel hatred is stupid. +3

Self Inflicted Wounds
About the pics of wild topless OU sorority girls that’s made the Internet

Dirt Burglars (DT): You have got to love dumb ass sorority chicks.  But Daddy did a pretty good job at getting the pics removed.
Without the pics, this story is stupid. I do like that the story linked above was filed under the tag "hot chicks." +2 for that.

Cry babies.
Just kidding. That's not the one.

Georgia fan. He loves those dawgs and blood and eyes and hearts.

Bevo XIV (DW)
Loving dogs that much is cool. Loving dawgs that much is stupid. And how they gonna face CLOWNEY now?! +4

Aggie cheer leaders on a road trip.

Ferments-A-Lot (GN): The internet sucks because it's forever. +4

Pimp Possee (JB): Who cares! I already got 14 bonus points!
That's funny to me for some reason, so +1


The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC)
+5 for the memories.

KSU loses to NDSU.

Naked Bootleggers (JN)\+3
...and then they beat the Longhorns. That streak is stupid.

Barrel Aged Donkey (KS): WTF is up with that collie.
Dogs don't suck, but loving them "that way" does. +2

Yazoo Meat Muffins (KP):  Johnny Manziel...absolutely no class...he needs to see a good therapist to fix his shit
Manziel doesn't suck, but his attitude does, but it is also what makes him great. +2

Deez nuts.
(Commissioner's note: I should have known that I was just giving Kirby a venue to spill his hate of tOSU. His response has been copied unedited.)
Ohio state fans, you like nuts dangling on your chests. WTF. Too bad the women-folk  present nothing but gaping, cavernous, craggy orifices. - The Creekside Purple Sacks (KH) +4

Sex crimes are super stupid and sucky.
The Paperboys (KW): Sorry Vandy. +2
People sex crimes, that is.

I don't get it, but (BANJO SOLO)!

Accident Child (MN) +2


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