P-F13: Week 3 NFL Results


Here is the breakdown for this week.
  • Weekly Winner(s) = 3 pts: AP (15!)
  • Double Digit Card (10+ picks correct) = 3 pts: AN, GN, KW, DW, KH, KZ, CCa, JH, CCo, DCo, A-C, CG, JB, JC, JN, AP, KP, MF, DD, DT, ANe, DR, DDi
  • Game of the Week = 3 pts to everyone who correctly picked the Bengals over the Steelers
  • Paid Entry Week = 1 pt every week: ANo, GN, DW, RK, A-C, JB, JC, AP, KP, DD, DT, ANe, DDi
  • Weekly bonus question  = 0 to 3 points, subjectively scored. "Who would you rather be, a fat quarterback or a ginger quarterback?" See blog post for scores.
Everyone is still in it.


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