P-F13: Week 1 NCAA Results

Crazy? Wierd? Wild? Nahh, just football... and it's back.

The Underdog - Spoon

FCS teams beat Kansas State and a ranked (but-does-preseason-number-twenty-five-really-mean-anything-question-mark) Oregon State. Each of the FBS teams paid for those beatings. To me, this wasn't the biggest news. The McNeese State Cowboys destroyed the South Florida Bulls 53-21. But that wasn't the biggest news either. South Florida paid like $400K.

South Florida sits at *that* table now!?

The league picked 57% against the spread this week. If we were in a casino, hopefully we at least enjoyed the game watching and scored some free drinks.

The easiest picks on the board for us were South Carolina -11.5, Utah -2.5, Oklahoma -23.5, and LSU -4.5. All favorites. In fact, 12 of 15 favorites on the card covered in Week 1. That is not the typical trend. Fear the underdog.

The toughest collective picks on the board turned out to be Rice +26.5, Clemson +1.5, and Texas -42.5. Two of the three dogs that covered (the other was the fourth toughest pick). And you guys didn't have faith in Texas -42.5? Yeah, me neither.

How'd you do? Check it.

"Remind me why we have these?" said some of you. I'm so glad you asked. Bonus points will give you a slight advantage in the post season games. To win this and the NFL contest though, you'll need to pick the most games right.

"That JB guy already has 14! How did he get them?" I also heard as a follow up. I imagine you guys are asking good questions for a Week 1 blog post.

Here is the breakdown for this week.
  • Weekly Winner(s) = 3 pts: KW, CG, JB
  • Double Digit Card (10+ picks correct) = 3 pts: ANo, KW, KZ, JH, DCo, CG, JB, JC, KP, MF, DD
  • Game of the Week = 3 pts to everyone who correctly picked LSU
  • Best Bets = 5 pts if all are correct: CCa, DD, GF, JH, JB, KP, KH, MN
  • Paid Entry Week = 1 pt every week: KW, RK, A-C, KP, DD, DDi
  • Weekly bonus question  = 0 to 5 points, subjectively scored. "It's OK to not follow the rules that you think are stupid, right?" See blog post for scores.
Maybe the scores are obvious after looking at the scoreboard, but here is another view to let you know just how much of a hole you dug yourself in Week 1.

A college football election map of the Top 25 from Deadspin.

Looks about right to me. Thoughts?


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