P-F13: Lennay Kekua

What a rough pick'em weekend. Both contests saw pretty low scores. Curiously, for the NCAA contest, everyone scored either 6, 7, or 8 with an average of 7. That's about as average as it gets.

The NFL picks averaged 7 correct picks too, but there is bigger news: THE NFL WILL PLAY THE REST OF THE SEASON WITHOUT QUARTERBACKS. But seriously, Vince Young still can't get a job.
The Astrodome died yesterday, because if it can't be turned into a convention center then it obviously can't be turned into anything. Houston has as many convention centers at the Astrodomain property and more in the city than the Aggies and Alabama have fake championships, respectively. What is wrong with people anyway? Who is clamoring to host their convention in the city of Houston?
"Howdy, I'm just walking out of my conference at the Astrodome. What do you want to do?"
"You are in for a treat my man. Tons of choices. You can walk 2 miles across the parking lot and see the grass field where Astroworld used to be. OR, you can take a 15 minute walk around the backside and hit Main Street. Watch for homeless people."
"Main Street, that sounds promising."
"Just some apartments and -- I believe -- a Church's Chicken."
"Any bars?"
"There is a Papasitos, Papadeauxs, and a Joe's Crap Shack across the freeway. Just head toward the old Astroworld and hook a right."
"Blast off!!"
I'm just playing, Astrodome fans. At least it'll have Yankee Stadium to keep it company in stadium heaven.
In positive news, we have a new NFL leader. The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC) moved up two spots and leads by one. But I guess that isn't positive for Yahoo Meat Muffins (KP) or Pimp Possee (JB).
Check the leaderboards out for yourselves:
If you want to see how mediocre you did last week, here are those links:
The Week 11 NFL card is coming soon. I won't have any Thursday night games on the NCAA card, but expect some picks to be bonus questions on the NFL card. Also, be thinking of an Astrodome epitaph.
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