P-F11: Week 14 NCAA Results

Congrats to Chumlee's Banditos (KP) and Dirt Burglars (D2)!

Pickem-Football.com 2011 Week 14 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Congrats to Chumlee's Banditos for kicking our arse. Both winners are P-F newbies.

1st Place: Chumlee's Banditos (KP)
2nd Place: Dirt Burglars (D2)

Wonder how it happened? D2 overcame a slow start and finished strong. KP sprinted to a huge lead and coasted at the end. It's not often that someone picks 58% against the spread and doesn't win. KP's 61% is really impressive.
Pickem-Football.com 2011 Week 14 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Score Chart


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