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P-F11: From the Bonus Point Basement - Week 13 - Best Rivalry of the Week

The worldwide leader brands every week of college football now, which is smart because it makes it mean more. Just kidding, the bowl system makes each week mean more. Just kidding Pickem makes each week mean more. Just kidding... it's beer.

The Pharcyde - Ya Mama

I asked you guys in Week 13 to weigh in on the best rivalry of Rivarly Week 2011, Part 3. You answered with some stuff.

Sometimes history doesn't mean jack sh!t, right aggies? Like, despite Texas dominating the competition historically and already having a more hated rival that they play every October, many of you chose the Lone Star Showdown as the best rivalry. Reasons included "because it is finally over" (ANo, +3) "...until at least 2018" (JH, +3). I'll admit there is a little hate, no matter who started it, and some of you agree: "Are you really asking me this question? Longhorns/Faggies" (MN, +3). Even non-affiliated Texan-ish Beantown residents weighed in: "I enjoy two pathetic souls fighting it out" (KSh, +3). Touche. We do have two aggies in the league, one didn't pick, but I'm pretty sure their fish camp programming would have compelled their fingers to type exact same message: "A&M/t.u. - end of an era. I hope it's a good game. Gig'em Baby!" (AP, +3). It was. It was a good game.

If there was a game that Texas/Texas A&M rivalry enthusiasts should be jealous of, it's the Iron Bowl. "There's a lot of hate between those guys" (Lo, +3). "People kill trees and stuff out of spite" (DW, +4).  I liked Beelebubbles answer, even if it had a little crazy sauce sprinkled on top: "Considering allllllllllllll of my money is headed to Tuscaloosa for the next few years, I'm going to have to positively say The Alabama Auburn game! I say Bama now, and I greet people with Roll Happy thanksgiving roll tide!!!" (CCo, +4). If 13 National Championships hadn't picked Bama, then I would have called the authorities and reported him missing: "BAMA v AUBURN, obviously. A&M is the little bitch of the Horns, that's not even a rivalry" (CG, +4). You said it, not me. But sometimes it's all about swag, and no one on the corner has swagger like Alabamians (I had to look that up. I wanted it to be Alabamites.). "Iron bowl sounds the coolest. Much better than the battle of the megaphone" (JB, +4). I draw the line at making fun of where people live or go to school. "Have you seen the ESPN special about these backwoods crazy people? I rest my case" (MF, +3).

Can you be a huge college football fan and not be SEC crazy? If not, then I'm just a guy. As far as I understand, LSU doesn't have a natural rival, but that didn't stop all you Louisiana people from saying LSU and those backwoods mthrfks from Arkansas was the best rivalry of the week. "I love this week of college football...traditions...rivalries...haaa. #3 Arkansas Razorbacks @ #1 Louisiana State Tigers" (KP, +3). You know what that is right there. Chumlee's Banditos is just all drunk with that college football syrup. "#1 vs. #3 couldn't be bigger," except if it was #1 vs. #2, "but it should be a great game" (CCa, +3).

Our Mad Bomber filed her card at 2AM as usual, but at least used solid logic: "For what is at stake I would say LSU vs Arkansas. But for tradition/history coming to an end I must say ut vs faggies... Oops damn autocorrect. I am nearly positive i typed aggies" (KZ, +4). I know. Too easy, but...

If the Red River Shootout had something to be jealous of, it would be Michigan and Ohio State (RK, +2 for just naming the game). "The best rivalry is still the longest running rivalry of OSU and Michigan.  This rivalry has been been going on for 176 years.  Yes. That is correct.  The football rivalry was just a continuation of the Toledo War (aka Ohio-Michigan War).  Nobody else can beat that" (GF, +5). Sometimes it is like you guys just write these posts for me.

We share some blood, but I still can't believe someone almost stole Thanksgiving food answer. "Pumpkin vs chocolate cream pie" (JN, +4). Get it? A rivalry between Thanksgiving foods? I said "Green bean casserole vs. cornbread dressing" (GN, +4), but it's not as funny now.

A few of you also went outside the box. We got a "Grambling v Southern" (SS, +2), but no explanation. We also got one with a lot of curse words and sarcasm in it, so that's cool. "Definitely the ridiculously named civil war. Seriously its the civil war in fucking Oregon?!?! If lsu vs ole miss was called the civil war and everybody flew the stars and bars at the game there would riots but just stick it up there in Oregon and nobody gives a shit" (KSc, +5). Food for thought.

I had two favorites this week, and I won't sully them with lame comments.

"The best rivalry this week is watching my two dogs go after each other for the scraps that I give them after Thanksgiving.  The each want what the other has and they don't back down.  After a lot of barking and growling, biting and sometimes even a little bit of blood, they each go back to their bowls.  You don't get that down in aggieland.  One is going home and the other is running off to another part of the country!" (D2, +6)

"Vandy vs. Wake.
Battle of the Black and Gold
Dores vs. Deacs.
Twang vs. Tobaccy
Legendary students: Mack Brown vs. Timmy
Legendary coaches: Bear Bryant vs. John Mackovic" - (KH, +6)

Solid work guys.


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