P-F11: Week 16 Results

last updated 12/21/11 8:47 PM

"Perfect and wholly imperfect seasons come to an end Sunday in the NFL when the Chiefs beat the previously unbeaten Packers 19-14 and the Colts win their first by beating the Titans 27-13." - CBS Sports

For you guys, that means it's time to check back in on the Week 15 NFL Bonus question:
Q: What week will Indy finally get that first win?
A: W15 @ Tennessee
Correct Answers: ANo, DCo, SS (+8 pts)
Pickem-Football.com 2011 Week 16 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Bonus Question:
The Bradys -6.5
The Tebows +6.5
Final Score 41-23, Bradys.
Winners: KW, DW, RK, KSc, JH, CCo, Lo, A-C, DD, CG, ANe, MF, D2, AP, KP (+3 Bonus Points)


  1. Damn this a tight one...anyone could win...I am only 9 points from the top place....I plan on taking it too!!!!


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