The Weekend That Was - NCAA Edition (October 2, 2010)

The rumors of me dying from a shetland pony accident are greatly exaggerated. 

Stuff from the weekend.

Texas is out of the Top 25 for the first time since October 2000. Over a decade old streak... gone. There, I said it.

Texas Tech got throttled by Iowa State this weekend?! I'm nervous about Texas playing Iowa State now.

I wasn't big on Oregon, mostly because I hate their uniforms and it's hard to take a duck seriously. From the looks of the polls (Oregon is now 3rd in both polls), Boise and TCU are on the outside looking in unless tOSU and Oregon both lose. Fk the BCS anyway. (I just want you guys to know where I stand.)

Air Force is ranked... that's cool and stuff. You know what isn't cool? The fact Air Force is not "The Jets"!!! I'll never understand.

Who is the most overrated team in the polls right now? I say LSU. What say you?

Best catch of the week.

This is great... Double Rainbow Guy Watches Denard Robinson Play


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