P-F10: Week 5 NCAA Results

(last updated 10/7/10 3:21 PM)

I just checked the TV schedule... it looks like there are a couple decent games on today.

But are there adult beverages to drink? Just checked... apparently I have a modest supply.

Have you checked this week's scorecard? Why not?

(click link below to see the full scorecard)
Week 5 NCAA Scorecard

Will KW's reign end? Is it too early for a jinx? Probably.

Point summaries for Week 5:
Once again, this week was a terrible week for scoring... and I'm not talking about on the football field... or whatever you guys may do in your spare time. Last week's average score was around 6.  This week we improved by 1 pick. Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis might be able to score more points.

I suppose what really matters is relative performance, and based on that criteria, KW still doing relatively well. His Swinging Richards are picking 60% against the spread. Check that. That's better than relatively good.

The biggest gainers of the week were The Nine-Five (A-C) and Pimp Possee (JB) who each gained 12 spots on the Leaderboard. The biggest loser was Bevo XIV who, based on an email, is aware how bad his prognostications for Week 5 were. Like 4 of 15 bad.

Weekly Stats:

Weekly Winner(s): Pimp Possee - JB (10) +3 bonus points
NCAA dubs (10+): JB (10) +3 bonus points
Bonus Question: Week 5 Parlay (Pick 3). Winning teams were Oklahoma -3.5, Oregon -6.5, Alabama -7.5, Boise St -43.5, Iowa State +7.5. The most popular parlay was okies, ducks, tide... fwiw. KW, GF, A-C, JB, ANe, Lo, AP +10
Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1

Fading Las Vegas:
I use my real money on beer (for me) and day care (for the kids). Below are my virtual FLV bankroll bets for this Week 5.
  1. Tennessee +16.5 @ LSU: $350.00 - LSU's offense + the game being played during the day = no way LSU was going to cover. UT 14, LSU 16. WIN!!
  2. Tennessee/LSU Under 43.5: $150.00 - Again, there is no way LSU or Tennessee puts that many points on the board (see above). WIN!!
  3. Wisconsin -2 @ Michigan St.: $150.00 - I broke my ban of betting on the schizophrenic Badgers for this no brainer. Wisconsin is pretty good. But wait, they fkd me. Cheese 24, Mich St 34. LOSS!
  4. Oklahoma/Texas Under 47.5: $150.00 - For emotional reasons, I don't like to bet on the game, but it seems like this is a lot of points for a horrible Texas offense and a mediocre okie offense to score. However, Texas tried to come back at the end and lost me this bet with their final FG (game total = 48!). Blah. loss.
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