P-F10: Week 6 NCAA Results

(last updated 10/13/10 9:54 PM)

I just got done looking at Brett Farve's junk. Hmmm.

In other football news... Local predictions: Texas stomps a mudhole in the bye week. LSU, A&M, and Tech BAMA go home with mudholes.

(click link below to see the full scorecard)
Week 6 NCAA Scorecard

I just clicked on the scorecard link and took a look at KW's picks... you guys are fkd.

Some Live Game Watching Thoughts:
11:14AM - Holy sh!t. There is (almost) literally no one at the Baylor/Tech game at the Cotton Bowl. Well done Lubbock and Waco. TV is wisely showing field-only shots or really tight shots of the stands. They just flashed an un-focused crowd shot... like, if I squint my eyes it looks like there are twice as many people (50 maybe).
11:20AM - The announcers are calling Robert Griffin "RG3." I don't know why that bothers me, but it does.
11:25AM - Baylor-Texas Tech: "It is like one big cage match of small dudes looking to prove themselves." I stole that off the internets. Funny.
11:29AM - How about some SEC news... this is the first time since 1906 when Tennessee and Georgia enter this game where both team have losing records. Whoa.
11:33AM - Tech tries on on-sides kick, it doesn't go 10 yards, Red Raider players stare at it, Baylor dude picks the ball up and runs it into the endzone. Huge mental fail. Huge coaching fail. I will find a video of this for the weekly wrap-up.
UPDATE: Found it.

11:52AM - Jim Knox just interviewed a pig, and the pig said "eeeerrrrrrraaaaaallooooossssseeeerrrrr." At least that's my phonetic pig translation.
"The Pig Whisperer" is a better nickname than "Ball sweat guy"
12:47PM - Week 6 Card halftime scores:
1-4 Georgia kicking some Vol arse, 27-7
Tech and Baylor are playing video games, Tech 35-28 (o/u on this game is 64... almost covered in 1st half!)
Why did I pick Penn St. -7.5!?, Illinoisians 20-13
1:05PM - Post lunch... 2nd half of morning games... nap time. Out.
2:56PM - Twos and twos of people witness the Red Raiders beat the worst team in the Big XII South. I woke up and caught the end.
3:00PM - What's next? Six afternoon games on the card are on TV right now. I have 4 TVs in the living room and a laptop. Watching Ark/tamu (sound), Pitt/ND, UCLA/Cal, Bama/USC, and Mich St/Mich (laptop). Life is good right now. I've got the Arkys -5.5 on FLV. Oink Oink mthrfkrs.
3:10PM - Wow, there are a lot of girls in the Jerryworld stands that, ummm, wear pants.
3:15PM - Tuned the aggy game off the main TV. South Carolina 14, Bama 3. I'm not rooting against Bama, but there is an instant interest whenever a #1 is behind on the scoreboard. If my pick was based on who I want to win, the Old Ball Coach or Saban, I'm all in for the OBC.
3:55PM - Not on the card, but... Louisville rings Memphis' Belle. The game was Louisville -16.5. Final score: Louisville 56, Memphis 0. Oye.
4:20PM - Note to self, find youtube video of Stephen Garcia running the throw-the-ball-out-of-the-back-of-the-end-zone drill. Bizarre.
4:48PM - There is a pretty good looking coed with a Michigan State jersey on in the stands... with a football jersey meant for shoulder pads on. The official stance on of Pickem-Football.com on shoulder pads for women is "oh hell no sisters."
4:57PM - Holy crap my picks suck today.
5:38PM - The video below is called "Ugly Ass Michigan Fan." That is really mean, but uhhh, seriously, is there a better name? Maybe "Zombies have in fact invaded Michigan Stadium"

6:00PM - Greg McElroy's streak ends. I'm actually kind of glad we're past that.
6:20PM - "I've got the Arkys -5.5 on FLV. Oink Oink mthrfkrs." WIN!
6:34PM - Next FLV wager... I'm not going to say Go Gatah or anything, but I have LSU @ Florida, Under 42.5. That's a statement of what I think of both offenses, not both defenses.9:11PM - Aaaaaaaand, with 14:06 still left on the clock, there goes my bet on the under. It may be fake money, but I feel like a LOSER right now.

9:55PM - Holy. Crap. LSU.

Point summaries for Week 6:
I'm not saying the scores were really low this week (avg=5). I'm just saying the scores think this font is HUGE.

Weekly Stats:

Weekly Winner(s): BlitzKrieg - RK (9) +3 bonus points
NCAA dubs (10+): None +3 bonus points
Bonus Question: Higher total in Dallas, Baylor/Texas Tech (Total=83) or A&M/Arkansas (Total=41). Winners: KW, WH, CCa, KS, JH, CCo, JM, JB, JN, RK
Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1

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