P-F10: Week 6 NFL Results

(last updated 10/13/10 9:56 PM)

I'm pro breast cancer as much as the next guy, but seriously NFL? Pink two weeks in a row?
The way he licked his lips and touched my hips
I knew that he was slick. You make me sick. - P!nk
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Week 6 NFL Scorecard

Let's see who is winning this thing? Oh not me? Never mind then.

Point summaries for Week 6:
Two straight late card submissions is sinking Smokey's Bandits (KH). Bevo XIV (DW) now has the top spot all to himself. Who else is doing well? Not Novacain (CCa), that's for sure.

Weekly Stats:

Weekly Winner(s): AN, KW, DW (2nd week in a row), JH (8) +3 bonus points
NFL dubs (12+): None  +3 bonus points
Bonus Question: More combined INTs... Young (0)/Romo (3) = 3, Favre (1)/Sanchez (0) = 1. Bonus Question Winners: WH, GF, DC, RK, MF, Lo, AP +3
Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1

2Do List:


  1. You're "pro breast cancer". That's sick.

  2. Sick as in ill? Or sick in the urban form?

  3. "Who...who doesn't want to wear...the ribbon???"


  4. You know, I made the same comment and Mrs. Longhorndave pointed out that Breast Cancer Awareness lasts all of October. Which has five Sundays this year. We might be in for pink crap for three more weeks! Why don't they just name in the BCAFL


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