P-F10: Week 8 NCAA Bonus Results - Choose Your Own Bonus Question

This week's NCAA bonus question was part Choose Your Own Adventure and part Why Do I Have To Come Up With All The Content?!

WEEK 8 NCAA BONUS QUESTION: Here is your big chance. Submit your own NCAA related bonus question. I may use it in an upcoming week. (0-10 points)

I'm going to score these based on my opinion, but at the end I'll let you guys vote for the question you'd like to see for next week (you can't vote for your own). My absolute favorites aren't going to score many point, but they were definitely the "I'm busy" or blank answers. Yep, that's pretty much the way I feel on Wednesday night, 4 beers in, at midnight when someone emails me to remind me that I haven't posted the card yet... but I know what I signed up for.

Name: Answer
My comments 

ANo, Northmen: Why do you think UGA is so darn cute? ;-)
I'm not surprised with this submission. You guys should know that she's never picked against Georgia. I don't know what they are ATS, but hopefully for Amanda's sake they are over .500. 
+7 (She said that if I didn't give her 10, then I'd be showing favoritism (or the opposite?). Maybe she won't read this :)

GN, Fements-A-Lot: Here is your big chance. Submit your own NCAA related bonus question. I may use it in an upcoming week.
Haha! Get it?

KW, The Swinging Richards: Multiple Choice -
Why does Corso insist on shaking around that unsharpened pencil?
A)  He has Bob Dole hand.
B)  He has an obsession holding coated wood with rubber on the end.
C)  While he understands that magic isn't real, he still dreams of becoming Merlin or Dumbledore.
D)  It's really shank, he's dealing to kids at Gameday.
E)  Other______________________________________
Super strong. I don't know why I lean toward the one with wood and rubber in it.

DW, Bevo XIV: If you were a top high school recruit and had offers from every school in the nation, where would you commit and why.  You cannot commit to any university you attended.
Very thought provoking. I can't wait to find out which SEC school all our SEC alums pick :)

KH, Smokey's Bandits: Who is the absolute WORST college football announcer and why?  And what is the absolute WORST college football pre-game, in-game, or post-game segment and why?  (e.g., Dr. Lou, Judge Reece, Griese Spoon, etc.)
I like this question, but I know the league, and like no one besides RK and DW will answer this. CJ will say something nasty instead. KS will mention Erin Andrews, kolaches, donkeys, or something that includes all of them. ANo will tell me that the question sucks and wonder why I didn't pick something about mascots. And wait a minute, are you trying to say that Dr. Lou is not pure genius?!?!?

WH, The Cheerios: In which college football personality's house would you most like to hide a dirty diaper? (player, coach, announcer, reporter, tv host, etc.)
This question got the hamster in my head spastically running in his little wheel.

KS, Large Donkey Circus: Donkey pulled wooden cart or Sooner Schooner, discuss.
I approve.

JH, Nothing to Lose: Who will win the Big 12?
Baylor, next? How about, who is better: The Big 12 or the SEC? :)

CCo, Beelzebubbles: If you could design the perfect cheerleader outfit for your alma mater what would it look like? Please feel free to use words like ruching and tucking.
This question is insensitive, because the Aggies aren't into female cheerleaders.

CG, 13 National Championships: What cheerleaders are hotter than cheerleaders that wear chaps?
This is a trick question, because it is universally known that cheerleaders with chaps on are just about the greatest thing invented since the football itself.

JB, Pimp Possee: Who will have more national championships over the next 10 years?
1. USC Trojans
2. Florida Gators
3. Alabama Crimson Tide
4. Tennessee Volunteer women's basketball team
I would have to Google the women's basketball results. Just saying.

JN, Naked Bootleggers: College Gameday is visiting your favorite campus.  How do you make sure that Lee Corso does not make it to the stage?
Haha! Like.

MN, Football is Fun: Who is the greatest college football player of all-time:  Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams or Vince Young?
Tough choice man. Tough choice.

ANe, Accidental Champs: Which school will maintain their current BCS ranking? (could also ask which school will move up or down in the rankings)
I like the up/down idea. I think I've done a "movers and shakers" version before. I might figure how to work this in.

RK, BlitzKrieg: Matt Millen was unquestionably the worst executive in NFL history.  It now appears that ABC/ESPN is positioning him and his equally awful partner, Sean McDonough, as the number two broadcast team for Saturday football.  I cannot think of a worse broadcasting scenario than McDonough and Millen doing the A game every Saturday.  What is your nightmare college football broadcasting scenario?
Trick question. The McDonough/Millen pair is the worst. Period.

MF, One Man Wolfpack: Should preseason polls not exist until  week 4 or 5?
If there is a playoff, I don't care. For the polls that matter, they probably shouldn't.
+6 for answer (+4 because I left this out of my original post and had to be reminded by Mike that I fkd up).

Lo, WhooDat4Life: Okay guys here is a weird one, which state will have the most winning teams next weekend...Texas, Florida or Alabama?
I like it, but do I have to do the tally?

AP, Gig'em: Which tradition is better? Squeezing your balls or whooping in like an injured animal?
Nah, that was not right... I made that up. Anu's real question was:
What tastes better: Bat guano or squirrel jerky?
Dude, sorry guys. That was me again. Anu's really real question was:
Sexier icon: Corps guy, the Sarge guy, or that dog?
Damnit, seriously guys, this is Anu's for really realz question:
Pick 2 or 3 games that will start at the same time and ask which team will score the first touchdown out of all the 2 or 3 games. If the team you picked scores before it's opponent, you get 2 points...if your team scores before all the other teams out of the 2 or 3 games, you get 5 points.
This is actually kind of a cool question, but it would be pretty hard for me to keep tabs, since I'm usually drinking, wrestling little kids, or drinking while wrestling little kids while watching college football.

KZ, CCa, GF, A-C, DC, DD, JM: No answer, er question.


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