The Weekend That Was - NFL Edition (October 3, 2010)

(updated 10/7/10 9:21 AM)
I just realized I left this post in draft status all week. Anyway, I've got some videos.

Angry defensive backs try to make Jordan Shipley's head explode. That hit was so hard Shipley probably forgot to call Colt Sunday night after the game.

The Giants had like 10 sacks last week (I think... I don't really do a lot of homework for TWTW). After one of them, we got the new football celebration dance sensation, the "don't tase me bro."

ARIAN FOSTER!!! - Gus Johnson

Bernard Pollard is an animal.

If you have a little time to spend with us today, check out this Bernard Pollard interview. It will get you pumped, Braveheart or 300 style. By the end, you'll be knocking the piss out of some coworker. Just saying.


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