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P-F10: Week 7 NFL Bonus Results: Favre-Aid

BONUS QUESTION: Reports suggest that Favre's dong shots may cost him $100M in endorsements. Got any suggestions for potential a future revenue source?
I really don’t think there are any winners in the Brett Favre dong-gate. If you don’t agree, maybe you haven’t seen the pictures. I won’t be posting them here, but you can find them on Deadspin. I haven’t seen anything that disturbing since way back in the early aughts when JH (Nothing to Lose) sent me a video of a person getting fkd by a humongous pig.

Bonus results are listed below.

Team Name



V8--ever feel like you are leaning to one side? Have a V8 and it'll put you straight!

Flip Flops?
Flip flops (Crocks), real strong.
See what I’m getting at?
The Swinging Richards
He should talk to John Bobbitt for brainstorming and a cocktail.  He figured
out how to make him.
Bevo XIV
In the spirit of breast cancer
awareness month and pink being the color of choice.  How about he coax Pink into bed and take a picture of her breasts and sell them to Perez Hilton.
That is Ms. P!nk to you buddy.
Smokey's Bandits
Patenting his pronunciation of awesome or "ow-sum."
The Cheerios
Dancing With the Stars
Or Real House Dongs.
{insert something snarky here}
I accidentally erased KZ’s answer.
My bad.

The Vatican - he'll find plenty of interest from the Catholic priesthood.
Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! 
Large Donkey Circus
Professional Interception Tutor - Private Lessons available (Resume and photos available)
“I’m not only the President, I’m
also a client.” 

Nothing to Lose
Commercials for "Oops, I
Crapped My Pants" undergarments.
So what you are saying is that he’s

Kentucky Snowman
Become the new spoke person for Dos Equis.
Un Equis.
The Nine-Five
Write a book titled "I should
have quit while I was ahead but my big fat ego wouldn't let me."
Favre would probably enjoy a book about himself. 
I don’t see it. :)
I’d have to see the dong first
You are a visual guy, eh? 
Dave's Bonus ?
I hope there are on pop-ups on
that site. 

13 National Championships
He can sell of his most prized possession - his collections of squirrel and nutria-rat hides to the top
bidder on ebay since he's such a redneck hillbilly.
Alabama can safely hate on Mississippi and North Louisiana I suppose. 
The Red Raiders
Yeah, How about retire from football like he should have done last year and open a nude car dealership like any
other washed up retired football player does.
I prefer nude car washes… opened
by cheerleaders… in their prime. 

Pimp Possee
Midget porn
I don’t think they like being
called midgets anymore. 

Naked Bootleggers
Endorsement deal with Vivid
You should get negative points for
causing me to google that at work. +2
Football is Fun
dong pills
Good fit. 
Accidental Champs
Trojan condoms: "Real.
Comfortable. Trojans"

ExtenZe: "Natural Male Enhancement gave me the
confidence to send a pic of my new pride and joy to
my loved ones."
Beer gives you the same confidence.
Favre should be able to make up lost revenue by peddling his  schwanschtucher to Cialis, Extenze and the like.
One Man Wolfpack
Guest speaker
"how to do what you say you will never do"
A group of someones out there would pay to hear
Hopefully they pass out a hardcopy
of the slides. 

He could always try to get and endorsement deal with Extenze and send a before pic with her reporting him and then an after pic with her walking out of a bedroom after him.
I’ve never tried that Extenze stuff because they never really show the results in the ads. 

He could endorse a camera
Ashton K!

Someone needs to help him with proper
use of light in his photos. Just saying. 



  1. Was it me, or did everyone just get two points. One for each testicle?


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