P-F10: Week 8 NCAA Results

(last updated 10/25/10 5:47 PM)

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Week 8 NCAA Scorecard

You know what is worse than my picks? Texas' offense.

Point summaries for Week 8:
After two straight weeks of sub-double digit performances from the entire league, 13 teams picked in the double digits this week. Thirteen. 

13, that is the number of correct picks from our winner, WhooDat4Life (Lo). 13 also happens to be the amount of National Championships that 'Bama claims. And 13 may be how many they are claiming next year, that is if Auburn has anything to say about it.

Weekly Stats:

Weekly Winner(s): Lo (13) +3 bonus points
NCAA dubs (10+): KW (11), KZ, CCa (12), KS (11), DC (12), DD (11), CG, JM, JN (11), ANe, Lo (13), AP (12) +3 bonus points
Bonus Question: Submit your own NCAA related bonus question.
Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, JH, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1

2Do List:
  • Week 8 Weekend Thoughts - NCAA
  • Week 9 NCAA Card


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