P-F10: Week 2 NFL Bonus Results - Favorite & Least Favorite Teams

Similar to the NCAA contest, everyone cashed in on the bonus points last week (+2) by filling out the bonus questions. That is, everyone but Bob, who decided to take Week 2 off to blow dry his hair.

Who you like?

P-F10 Favorite Teams

P-F10 Least Favorite Teams

Extra Credit:
  • Bevo XIV - DW: Favorite Team = Oilers (I'm not sure if Dave meant the Oilers or he just doesn't recognize that they are now the Titans) noteworthy, but +0
  • Nothing to Lose - JH: Least Favorite Team = Any team with TO (I just added this b/c I felt like Crystal would disapprove of cousin Jess' response) +1
  • BlitzKrieg - RK: Least Favorite Team = NFL Officials. (You and all other Detroit fans) +1


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