P-F10: Week 2 NFL Results

(updated 9/15/10 10:07 AM)  

The Texans beat the Colts. Time to book a hotel room in Dallas y'all.

(click link below to see the full scorecard)

One leader... twenty-five followers.

Point summaries for Week 2:
Gig'em (AP) scored more picks in one NFL week than two weeks against the spread in NCAA. He also picked the Chiefs to be the Chargers and the Texans to beat the Colts. Either he's got his finger on the pulse or we'll have a new leader next week. :)

Weekly Stats:

Weekly Winner(s): AP - Gig'em (14) +3 bonus points
NFL dubs (12+): GN, KZ, GF, CG, AP (14)  +3 bonus points
Bonus Questions: 1 & 2. Favorite and least favorite teams. 3. Two MNF games (Results to be posted)
Paid: KW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, JN, ANe, Lo +1

2Do List:


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