The Weekend That Was - NFL Edition (September 12, 2010): The Worst Word

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I spent most of Sunday in the car, but thank goodness for XM/Sirius radio. Did you know that they are the preferred satellite radio company of the NFL? Did you know that they are the only satellite radio company? /ad wizards

The Worst Word
Bernard Pollard is a bad @$$ man. I don't mind having him on my hometown team, as long as he isn't the gateway drug to becoming the Cowboys or Bengals. The very worst part about this play isn't that Pollard shouts some obsenities (I yelled the same thing at the refs in Austin on Saturday... twice), it's that the dude with his finger on the button completely missed the dump. You have 7 mthrfking seconds, mthrfker!

Cuss the NFL
So apparently the Lions were robbed of a win. There are several videos out there that show the play, but I like this one. (more worst words, just warning)

He's either double jointed or...

 ...aah sh!t

favorite Deadspin comment:
"Where is your underwear, Connor? What will the ER people think?" - Mrs. Barwin

Treasure Chest Trunk
I would be remiss if I failed to mention the following news item. I consider these weekly posts not only a sampling of the week that was in football, but also a handy archive to relive the football season. You'll likely look back at this post and appreciate that I tried to cover the most interesting news of the week. Take a seat. Rest your rear end. We had some badonkadonk news this week. Just reporting, not taking sides.

Mmmm. Accent.


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