P-F10: Week 3 Pick'em Dash Center

I'll be home all day today, so this post will be your exclusive conclusive single place to mingle about the goings on during the college football day that is the 18th of September, 2010.

Or just check out the scoreboard, yo.
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8:18 AM: DW reminds us of the reason to watch the Gameday preshow on ESPN U: EAPMF
9:01 AM: ESPN has been using the same song for College Gameday since at least 2005 (that's as far back as I can remember). Are Big & Rich even together anymore. I once heard Big say that he would kill for country. Maybe Rich was like, "whoa dude, I just like to entertain, be mysterious, and get that paper." And the Cowboy Troy character? He be rhyming all the clock. He gets in on till the break of morning.

I really miss Bubba Sparxxx's customized weekly song, and I'm going to post my feelings about ESPN's crappy intro every year until someone at ESPN Googles "awesome gameday intro," finds this blog, and pitches the idea of bringing Bubba Sparxxx back to management. It will be a great story. He'll get promoted, become a millionaire, and his kids will live a privileged life. He'll probably never come back here and give me credit (I get it), but when I see that Bubba Sparxxx intro next year, I'll know. Just saying.

A 2003 College Gameday intro

11:05 AM: This is the TV plan for the day. I'll be busy.

2:30 PM: Holy crap Georgia. If your crapiness costs me a Muschamp, I'm going to... well I haven't decided yet, but you can bet it is going to be BIG and involve goobers.

Five games on the card are on TV at once right now. I've only got 4 TVs in the living room. Mo' football, mo' problems.

2:50 PM: Vandy - 28, Ole Miss 14. Vandy coach gets a Gatorade bath. (coach's first conference win... was an assistant for 30 years... Vandy hasn't won a conference game in the last 10 previous).
Week 3 Gatorade Bath
3:30 PM: I've got 250 FLV dollars on Baylor +21 against TCU.
3:42 PM: TCU up 7-0. Fk.
3:55 PM: TCU up 14-0. 2 possessions, 80 and 73 yards. Baylor... dance mthrfkrs!
4:10 PM: TCU up 21-3. Bleep bleepit Baylor.
4:30 PM: TCU up 28-3. I'm done. No more updates. That's 250 pretend dollars wasted.

4:40 PM: This just happened.

5:18 PM: I'm watching 5 games simultaneously. Wisconsin is the best (only close) one. Sad.

5:48 PM: Lane fkn Kiffin goes for 2 TWICE after scoring... misses both.... USC 2 pts short of covering. @$$hole.

6:14 PM: Via ESPN - Alabama finished the day with over 600 yards of total offense -- more than 1/3 mile. Daaayaamn.

Also in @ss whooping news:
6:29 PM: TCU 45, Baylor 10. RG3, you are dead to me, but not like in a Florida Gator style "time to die" kind of way, only in a I'm not picking your team to cover sh!t anymore.

6:45 PM: This is unconfirmed, but I just heard over the internets that the fighting texas a&m aggies are the only FBS team to not be on TV in the first 3 weeks of the season. Unrealz.

7:00 PM: Active FLV wagers.
Baylor +21 ($250)
Texas -3 ($500) ==> winner winner chicken dinner
Boise St/Wyoming over  52.5 ($250) ==> winner! (Boise almost covered the over themselves!)
Houston -3 ($550) ==> oh man... not good.

10:38 PM: Drunk. Happy.


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