The Weekend That Was - NCAA Edition (September 11, 2010): Hot As Balls

last updated  9/13/10 4:10 PM

I watch a lot of football, however, I normally choose to watch, drink, etc. instead of taking notes for a blog post. However, I also read a lot of Internets and listen to a lot of sports radio. Each week I'll try to drop a few items that I found interesting on the weekend or heard about afterward.


"That's gonna air again, I got a feeling"
It was hot as balls in Austin, TX this weekend, I can tell you first hand. But my words probably don't do justice to how hot it really was. Check out the video of Jim Knox for a visual.

The Pammies
My pick for Pammy of the week (from Awful Announcing)
"James Madison's best work since the Federalist Papers." -- Rece Davis


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