P-F10: Week 1 NCAA Results

(updated 9/6/10 at 10:37 PM)

26 people registered at filled out the Week 1 card this year. Nice.

Once I get the Google spreadsheet driving this whole thing up to speed, you guys should be able to access info on the front end a lot better.

For now, in case you don't have the link yet:

Since Google Docs is being a little b!tch right now and not publishing the overall scoreboard on the website (you can see the error on the top right of the page), here is the "legend" that links the initials on the scorecard with your team names:

CG    13 National Championships
CCo    Beelzebubbles
DW    Bevo XIV
DC    Cacti3
DD    Dave's Bonus
KZ    Duffy
GN    Ferments-A-Lot
MN    Football is Fun
AP    Gig'em
JM    The Red Raiders
KS    Large Donkey Circus
RH    Let Us Prey!
JN    Naked Bootleggers
ANo    Northmen
JH    Nothing to Lose
CCa    Novacain
JB    Pimp Possee
GF    Kentucky Snowman
KH    Smokey's Bandits
A-C    The Nine-Five
WH    The Cheerios
KW    The Swinging Richards
Ane    Accidental Champs
RK    BlitzKrieg
MF    One Man Wolfpack
Lo    WhooDat4Life

I'll keep including the link on updates until Google fixes their problem.

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