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P-F10: Week 2 NCAA Bonus Results - Fun with Analogies

According to some really smart educators, analogies are excellent thinking activities. This may be why you hate them so much.

The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as…

What would you fill in that analogy with? What the heck does that even mean? Whatever your answer, you get an A on this test. If you filled in something, I'm going to assume that little hamster in your head got the propoer amount on exercise in the wheel (+2). My subjective favorite got +3. Feel free to pick your favorite in the comment section. Gooooo brains!
  • Northmen - ANo: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… the Big XII is to Bevo. 
  • Ferments-A-Lot - GN: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… a dog is to a chain. 
  • The Swinging Richards - KW: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… the Norris family is to Texas Tech.  They are both located in the same state but neither wants to admit it.
  • Smokey's Bandits - KH: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… Richard Gere is to Gerbil. 
  • Kentucky Snowman - GF: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… Coach Bob is to Albert Einstein or Steven Hawkins. 
  • The Nine-Five - A-C: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… the Rice University Marching Band is to Looney Tunes. 
  • Beelzebubbles - CCo: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… bluffin is to the muffin.
  • Nothing to Lose - JH, Gig'em - AP, & The Cheerios - WH: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… Big 12 is to Mighty Mouse. 
  • Duffy - KZ & Dave's Bonus - DD: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… the PAC-10 is to Goofy. 
  • Football is Fun - MN: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… the PAC-10 is to Minnie Mouse.
  • Novacain - CCa: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… the Big Ten is to Minnie Mouse.
  • Large Donkey Circus - KS: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… the Big 12 is to Minnie Mouse.
  • WhooDat4Life - Lo & The Red Raiders - JM: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… a peice of crap is to a fly. 
  • Naked Bootleggers - JN: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… Obama is to community organizer. 
  • Accidental Champs - ANe: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… Lucy is to Ricky Ricardo.  
  • BlitzKrieg - RK: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… Bill Parcells is to Matt Millen.

And the winning analogy: 
  • Bevo XIV - DW: The SEC is to Mickey Mouse as… the Big XII is to Mickey Mantle.  The SEC and the vermin are the cute, favorite, of the media despite having pretty much no substance other than cute laughs and chants (S-E-C vs. MIC-KEY MOUSE...). Meanwhile the Big XII and The Mick are rough and tumble, gets drunk, fights, pukes on your shoes, and still hits a 2 run home run in the morning.


  1. LHD, best analogy ever.
    Woo hoo!
    I have something in common with the Mick, minus the fighting and moonshots.
    Mr. Smokeypants


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