P-F10: Week 1 NCAA Bonus Results - Favorite & Least Favorite Teams

Everyone cashed in on the bonus points last week (+2) by filling out the bonus questions (which by the way are optional if you are feeling flat or need to go wash your hair).

Consider this post your first date with this year's league and get to know our likes and dislikes.

P-F10 Favorite Teams

P-F10 Least Favorite Teams

After reading through the responses, I've gone back and retroactively given some extra credit.
  • 13 National Championships - CG: Least Favorite Team = Anyone else in the SEC (Thank you. Finally someone not sucking the conference teet) +1
  •  Northmen - ANo: Least Favorite Team = Wisconsin (The Cheese are a decade old Pick'em card tradition because they are almost always on TV and they are seemingly unpredictable against the spread. Nice choice!) +1
  • The Cheerios - WH: Least Favorite Team = I'm not a hater. (this makes sense, since Will is a baby and all) +1


  1. The effing Cheez Whiz. Most frustrating pick-em decision of the decade. Followed by the Buffs, imho. Mr. Smokeypants


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