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P-F10: Week 2 NFL Bonus Results - Two MNF games... OMG WTF?

In the most confusing Pick'em bonus question since the once popular "What did Gary mean when he said...", we got a variety of answers (and some non-answers).

This week the NFL treated us with two Monday Night Football games. The "question" prompted you to take a side:
1. OMG I just j'ed in my p's
2. WTF, one is enough

Ha! You thought this was an open ended bonus question. I really enjoyed your responses, but I want to let you know, there is only one correct answer: One is enough. Seriously, the second game was the clear dog. Sure, we had an upset, but who the fk cares!? Honestly, who was even up? After midnight thirty and my fifth (or so... who really counts past four), I accidentally fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I forgot there even was a 2nd game. It wasn't until an hour or so ago that I went and added the score to our Pick'em Scorecard. Let's get games on more weekday evenings, but we don't need an evening double header ON A FKN SCHOOL NIGHT. +3 Just sayin'. :)

Here is what you said:
  • Northmen - AN: Love Love Love It! Go Jets!! (Wrong! ...and you didn't watch either game... and the Jets sucked. +1 for trying)
  • The Swinging Richards - KW: First off, who the crap is singing the Star Spangled Banner in New Orleans, and who is the goof ball that needs a haircut playing guitar? (Maybe you don't know how this works. *I* ask the questions here. And it was Colbie Caillat. Do I get points for that? +1)
  • Bevo XIV - DW: Dude, we're so old I'd be lucky to make it through the first game. (Don't we trust you with NASA sh!t? +1)
  • Smokey's Bandits - KH: OMG, whenever they do this, coincidentally the 2nd game sucks. (Word. Good answer. +2)
  • The Cheerios - WH: Both are past my bedtime anyway.... (My wife's too. +2)
  • Duffy - KZ: Football on T.V is always good for me because it brings more business into the bar which means more money for me. So, the more games the better! (Wrong! But you are right, double the games means double the bar tab for me. +1)
  • Novacain - CCa: One is enough. Who has time to watch college football on Saturday, NFL on Sunday, and then another 6 hours of games Monday night?  It's even harder when the games don't start until Tuesday morning where I'm currently living...and require a ridiculously expensive online package to watch. (Right! But whoa, watch it with the NCAA talk. There isn't enough football on TV on Saturday. +2)
  • Large Donkey Circus - KS: Well i definitely say the more the merrier except the chiefs are featured in one game and watching the chiefs well is like watching the big 12 - no defense and no talent..... (Right! +2. Hold up, wait. Wrong!! -1)
  • Let Us Prey - RH: (No card. +0)
  • Nothing to Lose - JH: Two MNF games...just bring back Lost and 24 and skip the second game. (DAMNIT!!! +1)
  • Kentucky Snowman - GF: They are showing two sh!t games.  I guess if you combine them, it will make for at least one good game. (What football fan before the game thought Jets/Ravens was a sh!t game? No credit for that. +1)
  • The Nine Five - A-C: OMG.  Who doesn't love late night?  Totally awesome idea. (Wrong! See explanation above. +1)
  • Beelzebubbles - CCo: The only one that counts is the one with Mark Sanchez.  I tend to love him a little. I like green. I've been to New York. Money is green. Mark is Money. (Trading T.O. for a new model? +2)
  • Cacti3 - DC: Not a clue ( to score that. +0)
  • Dave's Bonus - DD: One unwatchable game is bad enough.  Definitely don't need two. (How did everyone know that first game was going to suck so bad? Because seriously, it did suck donkey wang. I just don't know you guys knew it beforehand. +1)
  • 13 National Championships - CG: I have no idea what the question but that second game is schwag. I'll be passed out before kickoff. Go Ravens. I'm tired of Hard Knocks and the dirty sanchez... (Correct! +2)
  • The Red Raiders - JM: It's awesome!! Less games on Direct TV the better in my book. They should have 2 games every Monday and Thursday. (Ah sh!t. You make a good argument. But here is the deal. If I say you are right, then I have to go back and rewrite this whole post and all my responses. Not gonna happen. +2 for a good answer, -1 for suggesting that I throw away my whole post 3/4 of the way through.)
  • Pimp Possee - JB: Yes i do like a double header in more ways than 1..... (I think I see where you are going with that, and +2 for not suggesting I throw away my whole post 3/4 of the way through.)
  • Naked Bootleggers - JN: One is enough, who really wants to stay up that late to watch the Chiefs play? (Correct! We are getting back on track here. +2)
  • Football is Fun - MN: I'm pissed off that there aren't 3!  My wife isn't, however.... (+3 for being your own man. -1 for being wrong.)
  • Accidental Champs - ANe: Some would say 'all things in moderation', but I just had to endure nearly 8 months of NASCAR, baseball, golf, and who knows what other kinds of football-less sporting events. An extra game on a Monday seems like a great way to kickstart the season!! (+1000 for paraphrasing a biblical proverb in a Pick'em league, -2 for being on the wrong side of the answer, but +3 for being pumped about the season starting, and -999 for lumping NASCAR into that answer.)
  • BlitzKrieg - RK: Why not three or four?  They do not all have to be nationally televised, but those of us with the Ticket would get to see their choice of games.  Since I am stuck watching the Lions get pummeled (or screwed) in the 1pm slot every Sunday, moving a couple of the Sunday early starts to Monday would allow me to see quality teams play each other more often.  That is what it is all about, eh? (+4 for the best answer this week. -1 for DirectTV and NFL's exclusive deal.
  • One Man Wolfpack - MF: 2's better than 1 (Wrong! For example, two murder cases is worse than just one. +1)
  • WhooDat4Life - Lo: WTF??  Aren't we too FN old to talk like this? (Wrong! We are never too old for a parody. In fact, the spoof is funnier the more out of character it is. Sorry. +0)
  • Gig'em - AP: J'ed in my sho! (This is funny to me because I imagine that you may actually say that. +2. But, wrong! -1)
Thanks for playing... see you next time.


  1. Best bonus point commentary/wrap-up ever.
    But best answers were from JB & CG.
    Mr. Smokeypants

  2. JB and CG's answers were strong. Often good answers get swallowed up by the overall theme, which I'm making up as I go along. At least I recognized them with the 2nd most amount of points available. I was also pretty toasted when I wrote this.


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