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Where's Week 17 Card?

Wait! You know I have an excuse. Last night some [insert whatever you want here]* T-boned me when I was on the way to Stag's Head for happy hour. I know what you are thinking, if I was going to happy hour then I wasn't really going to get that card out anyway. But that's crap... I would have cranked that out and fixed the mistakes later... that's the Pick'em way.

By the time everything was settled, I wasn't exactly in the card building mood. But now I've created a picture as therapy and I'm ready to get this card out (are there errors? who knows).


Since its a little on the late side, here's what *I'm* going to hit you guys with. Everyone has got Indy for the Thursday game. You get that pick for free. If you don't want Indy, then you gotta email me or just send this card back to me before the kickoff tomorrow night.

Not sure what you are looking at in that picture? Those dudes (at a stop) came across three lanes (no stop) and T-boned me... pushed me clear off the road and into that utility post... sweet! Oh yeah, I'm fine. That car is a beast.

12/30 update: Week 17 Bonus Responses

Kyle (+5): Last night some drunk Russian lesbian stripper named Gary T-boned me when I was on the way to Stag's Head for happy hour.

Dave (+5): Last night BCS System driven by Bob Stoops T-boned me when I was on the way to Stag's Head for happy hour.

* if it were me, I'd insert something like three illegals with no insurance or IDs... but that's just me.


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