Week 15 NFL Results

here is the play at home version... I don't know about you guys, but I'm particularly interested in the Falcons/'aints and the Bucs/Panther games ;)

3:15PM update: Saints win! no need for a rant this week... yet. Texans win... how 'bout that? Titans win and lock up the AFC South... VY will do that for you... even from the bench.

7:51PM update: Dallas lost... but it's just not as fun for me anymore... I kind of like their team these days.

10:33PM update: Wow... not too many upsets today. Almost everyone is going to end up in the double digits.

Monday, 10:41PM update: I'll leave the semi-humorous geographical rants to Cain this week... The Saints and the Panthers worked for me this week. That means we have another tie up top in the NFL standings again.


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