Week 15 NCAA Results

here is the play at home version, with three people chasing Cain, but each 5 points away at press time.

2:39PM update: it looks like it'll be a race for 2nd place

5:19PM update: it's a 3-way tie for 2nd place... Cain still holds a 5 point overall lead

7:29PM update: forget the race for the lead... Bob is currently 9 for 9!

7:30PM update: it's 7:30PM Central time, and ou still sucks!

10:25PM update: Cain has this thing all locked up... 2nd place it still up for grabs... Bob's card is still perfect.

10:26PM update: oh Bob *sigh*... I just noticed that you picked Missouri... and here I've been all excited about your perfect card.

10:44PM update: I would NOT want to be playing the sooners right now... damn... nice job running up the score late in the game though, bobby... that's class.

the next day update: (did anyone really stay up for the Hawaii game) Bob misses the last two games of the NCAA regular season after getting his last 13 correct.

Chris wins the NCAA Contest (25% of total pot)

Curtis and Amy/Carrie split 2nd place in the NCAA Contest (5% of total pot each, unless you guys agree to a tiebreaker)


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