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2008 Bowl Challenge Card - The Leak

This card will show up in an email (hopefully) soon. Until then, blog readers can check it out early.


12/11/08 1:30PM update
Official League Email

Sure, some of you guys may be disappointed that the NCAA regular season is over, maybe hating the way bowl system works, curious how Cain spanked all of us for the entire year at the Pick'em contest, or just now thinking about sending in that $25 to make good on your commitment to play (PayPal: sirrong at, check: 11419 Ella Lee Ln, Houston, TX 77077).

Want to know how to make that Tulsa/Ball St. game on January 6th meaningful? You got it right here peeps. And you've already paid (or will be paying soon, right?) for this game, so listen up.

The Bowl Challenge game is done confidence pool style. There are 34 exciting bowl games this year. If you are positive Texas Tech is going to give Ole Miss a pirate-style beating. Give that a 34. Not sure if Notre Dame is every going to be able to win a bowl game? Give that a 1. Repeat that process 32 more times by clicking the check box next to your pick and then assigning a unique number between 1 and 34 for each game and then watch the excitement unfold.

Ever wonder what the heck those controversial NCAA bonus points were for? I use them for this game, although the philosophy is slightly different than in the past. In previous years, I used to scale the confidence points up to keep the bonus points from being too big of an advantage (i.e. level the playing field a little). This year I'm using a 1-34 regular point system and I scaled the bonus points down so that no person would have more than a 5% point advantage on the field. I admit it (Amy... Carrie...), this distribution of wealth program is a bit communist. But before anyone calls it quits, that scaling hurt me the worst, since I (somehow) finished with the highest amount of bonus points.

The bowl card is due before the kickoff of the EagleBank Bowl on December 20th (10AM Saturday). This beast of a card can be a bit overwhelming, so don't save it until the last minute. NO LATE CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

So to sum (and clear) all this up:
1. Open Card
2. Select your team name from the pulldown list (you'll see your bonus points)
3. Click on the "Bowl Challenge" tab
4. Start making your picks (no spread... picks are straight up) and assign a confidence number for each pick (pull down list, 1-34)
5. Assign bonus points to the games you would like to put a little extra juice on (only select games are eligible for bonus points... you'll be able to tell when you look at the card)
6. After you are all done with your picks and point assignments, check the totals at the bottom and confirm they both read "0".
7. Email me the card before December 20th at 10:00AM Central.

If anyone has any questions, just shoot me an email.


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