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Week 14 NFL Bonus Results

NFL Contest Bonus Question:
Turkey is kind of dry and boring. What meat would you wrap around or stuff inside the turkey to improve it, and what would you call your turkey culinary invention?

I'm more of a sides guy than a turkey guy, but mostly because turkey is usually dry and boring. This question was clearly inspired by John Madden, and some of you guys just couldn't get the Turducken image out of your head.

Bob's suggestion is to "stuff a hen into a duck and then stuff that into the turkey and you have Turducken. Not my invention, but it fits the bonus question very well" (+1). Gary appologetically suggests Turducken, saying "I know I stole the idea, but it is hard to improve on greatness" (+1). Open ended bonus points are always about creativity, so that just ain't gonna cut it. Is anyone surprised these guys are LSU grads?

Kirby earned some points for referencing John Madden and still coming up with a tasty suggestion, albeit one that Hannibal Lector may enjoy more than your average family. He'll be serving "turkey stuffed with a sweetbread made from John Madden's pancreas" (+4). You may also want to serve his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Kyle kept it gangsta and created a turkey wrapped in cappicola and stuffed with Italian Sausage named Turkey Stugots (+3).

Dave kept it... confusing with his recipe for Turk-Eeyore (turkey stuffed with donkey meat). Maybe there is a connection there that I just can't make (+2).

You know who kept it dirty? Yup, Crystal. Maybe there is an obvious tie in with the NCAA question that everyone missed, but Crystal suggested Gamecock as her tasty mascot and then chose to stuff it in her turkey (+2). I'm pretty sure somehow she just subliminally made me type "stuff a Gamecock in her turkey", although I'm pretty sure that has no real meaning.

Kevin and Chris are battling for first place, and their answers had their respective rival in mind. Chris, referencing Kevin's stock "filling" answer, stuffed his turkey with Erin Andrews and called it the "Kevin Schneider Special" (+3). Kevin got a little more creative with his turkey creation. He said, "I would coat it with a little sugar and after this weekend's college games when Cain gets burned, wrap that around the Turkey and you have a masterpiece, Sugar-Cain Blackened Turkey" (+4). Great answer, only you tanked this week dude.

Next we have the people that understand that bacon is the greatest food on Earth. Justin is trying to make me hungry by putting "butter on the outside to crisp the skin and bacon wrapped andouille sausage inside" (+3). Bacon wrapped sausage? Hellz yes! My recipe is a little more difficult. First I would carefully remove all the turkey and stuff the insides and outsides with bacon. I would call it bacon and serve it with any T-giving side (+2). Bacon makes everything taste better.

Most of that food sounds good, but Amanda's recipe and recipe name is the Pick'em08 Thanksgiving winner. "I would wrap my turkey in pig fat and stuff it with bacon and call it Damn Good Turkey Bacon" (+5).

Last but not least, Amy and Carrie tried the insult-the-judge angle sprinkled it with a little men-are-immature-pigs with their response: "Why is a man's solution always to wrap more meat around it? So disgusting. 'Turkey meat wrapped in meat,' that's what I would call it." Touche... (+1).


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