Week 17 NFL Results

12/20 10:48PM update: what the heck is wrong w/ the 'boys?

12/21 3:25PM update: Who is interested in that Falcon/Viking game? I am.

12/21 7:03PM update: You know what "Hot"-lanta. Thanks for nothing. Newsflash, Atlanta ain't *that* great. What's so hot about it? Timbaland? Thanks for bringing record-scratching-with-your-mouth back. And Paula Dean's act? Too much fkn butter man... and I like butter, but seriously! Beat it Crap-lanta... you cost me the lead... and there is that too much butter record scratching beat box thing.

12/21 10:35PM update: Dear New York City. You are truly the greatest city in our nation. Thank you for winning in overtime. New York, I love you more than Atlanta... even if you do make your home in New Jersey.

12/22 10:59PM update: Daaaaa Bearsss. Congrats to Gary for being the only person to hit double digits... and he picked the MNF score on the nose. That's not worth sht since there was no need for the tiebreaker this week, but it sure is impressive.

PS - Cain, we are both lucky the league suffered as abysmal of a week as we had. Justin and Amy/Carrie are quietly sneaking up. Only 1 more week folks!


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