Week 16 NFL Bonus

Top 12 "Who Dat"s

#12 - MK: Not the Saints.

#11 - CC: Da Bears, for the 3rd year in a row.

#10 - KW: "Well I'm the King of Boggle, there is none higher, I get eleven points off the word Quagmire."
signed, Beastie Boys

#9 - A-C: Who who?

#8 - CJ: Who da F*CK cares?

#7 - DW: She's all dat!

#6 - JC: On the First Row in the Bull Pen at the Texans/Titans game??
a shout out to me or things that I like are a good way to score points ;)

#5 - GN: I dat.

#4 - CG: Who Dat likes the BCS, Who Dat? I feel for you and I Crystal… Who gives a rats ass about the Cotton Bowl against Ole Miss and who gives a rat's ass about BAMA/Utah? Who dat says the BCS has their heads up their ass? Who Dat, Who Dat, who dat say gonna beat them Saints, who dat!!!
Curtis works in the Saints song... kinda... with a lot of venom.

#3 - KS: Who Dat is the real business, don't be faking the funk on the nasty dunk with the WHO Dey crap. Cuz if you aint who dat den you aint shit.

#2 - KH: (1) Worst winner of Last Comic Standing EVER. (2) A helluva lot better than Who Dey? WTF!?! Their slogan should be Nati Lite cuz they leave an ass taste in your mouf.

#1 - AN: You mean the most incredible lineman ever from Texas A&M?
I forgot about that little guy.

#1 - 5
#2 & #3 - 4
#4 to #9 - 3
#10 to #12 - 2


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