2008 Pickies: Pick'em08 Rookie of the Year

While I hate that we always have some attrition, my favorite part of the league is that for every couple guys we lose, we have a couple newbies come in. It's even better when the rookies seem a perfect fit for the core group of pickers. Crystal should have probably received a Lifetime Achievement Award Pickie for recruiting, but both of our Pickem'08 rookies came through other pipelines.

Pick'em08 Rookie of the Year
And the award goes to... Rich.

Going in to the very last week of the NFL contest, our two rookies Justin and Rich, were tied for 7th in the overall standings. Justin picked a respectable 12 of 16, but Rich picked 14 correct and edged him in the overall standings by two. Rich then went on to rookie victory with a super bowl day comeback win in the NFL Playoff Contest. Congrats newbs.


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