2008 Pickies: The Commissioner of the Year

He doesn't call for his name to be up in lights,
This just gives him something to do fall weekday nights.
His game gets you buzzin quicker than vodka ‘n juice,
And offseason brings you down like alcohol abuse.

His weekly card often makes the weak uneasy,
And he’s also got rhymes that in no way are cheesy.
So don’t dismiss him 'cause he writes really white raps.
He’s not selling this skill these are simple facts.

So while another trophy in the gallery is just more a formality,
His Pickem game is all about reality, and not about the salary.
His game is nine years in the makin, out from under the robe,
And with the blog you can read this *bleep* all over the globe.

His job is 26 percent knowledge, and 38 percent skill.
He asks for 14 percent help, and runs on 70 percent thrill.
When he get 35 percent peeved, he drinks 9 percent beer.
But that’s 192 percent reason for him to want to be here.

Pick'em08 Commissioner of the Year
And the Pickie goes to... Greg.

Whoa! Sweet! This award is as beautiful as two banana slugs gettin' it. Thank you, thank you very much. This was a long time coming. I'm speechless. I kind of feel a little like Susan Lucci... or Kayne West.


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