2008 Pickies: Pick'em08 Picker of the Year... and farewells

The End. It's sad. I'm staring at the blinking cursor again. *sigh* I guess you guys are getting my farewell in whatever-English-teacher-calls-it-when-you-are-just-supposed-to-keep-writing style. This is as sad as a one-stringed violin's song. And I'm not talking metaphorically here. Can you hear that? No? That's because the one-stringed violin's one string just broke. Seriously Sad. Blinking cursor.

That lady is sad too... but it's because her
one stringed violin sucks. Just look at it!

How about celebrating this year's winners before the presentation of the last award?

NCAA Pick'em Contest:
1st Place ($106): Chris, 59.2% ATS, 132 pts
2nd Place-tie ($21.25): Amy/Carrie, 57% ATS, 127 pts
2nd Place-tie ($21.25): Curtis, 57% ATS, 127 pts

NFL Pick'em Contest:
1st Place ($106): Chris, 66% SU, 169 pts
2nd Place ($42.50): Me, 64.8% SU, 166 pts

Overall Pick'em Points:
1st Place (pride): Chris, 301 pts
2nd Place: Amy/Carrie, 290 pts

NCAA Bowl Pick'em Challenge:
1st Place ($64): Kirby, 62% SU, 69% of confidence points, 424 pts, 26 points over next competitor

NFL Playoff Challenge:

1st Place ($64): Rich, 464 pts, 26 points over next competitor

The final award of the night(s):

This year there was one king. One dude that, despite my attempts at jinxes, just dominated with the kind of class that would impress everyone from your grandmother, to your best friend, this guy.

This guy is happy. His violin is A-OK.

The Pick'em08 Picker of the Year
And the Pickie goes to... Chris.

You were the envy of the league. In fact, congrats to the rest of you guys that hung in there and fought it out for 2nd place instead of throwing in the proverbial towel.

And it's with that folks that I place you gently in the hands of the excitement of March Madness. You guys are on your own to find your way out of the sports-excitement-void that is early and mid-summer baseball. Thanks for playing this year... I had a blast. And if by chance you had a terrible time either mid-season or during the Pickies, thanks for not telling me. Ignorance is truly bliss. Aloha.


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