2008 Pickies: The Michael Myers Award

(hit play up above for some theme music as you read this post)

Michael Myers was straight up scary. If you don't remember... rent, download, stream, or purchase a copy of any Halloween movie but Halloween III (wtf!?).

Dude doesn't speak... and dude doesn't die. He is relentless. He doesn't always win, but he never gives up... and he's a pretty darn scary too.

If you haven't guessed it yet, this award is given to the scariest team.

The Michael Myers Award
And the Pickie goes to... Amy & Carrie.

“The Doublemint Twins” turned into “The Deuce” this year and were as potent as ever. They finished 2nd overall and competed for wins in almost every contest. Is that scary enough for you? How about I never wrote a question or dealt out any points without pondering what kind of backlash I would get from these two. Heck, I’m scared they won’t appreciate the amusing award I’m handing off here.


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