2008 Pickies: The Connected Award

The Pickies took a 3 day weekend... sorry 'bout that...

In honor of me not spending much time on the Pickies over the past few days, I've got an award in the coffers here that has a loose tie-in.

Each week usually has its group of slackers, "I'm way too busy to fill out your card" guys, or "if I wait long enough the football gods will bestow upon me the correct pick so that I may one time relive Amanda's unmatched feat of the perfect card" dudes. You know... basically that group that is hanging out in the corner picking their nose all week.

When I'm not picking exterior body holes myself, I try to send reminders out so no one gets screwed by getting Bob's score, er, the lowest score of the week. Most of you have seen the Nose Picker list at one time or another. Some of you are regulars.

But this ain't no award for picking your nose, being lazy, or being busy. This award goes to the player that seemingly could be reached no matter the time or day. Sure having a crackberry on your hip helps here, but a quick response back always meant one less person I had to make an exception for in the scoring system.

The Connected Award
And the Pickie goes to... Justin.

Thanks, not for being part of the problem, but at least for being quick to reconcile.


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