2008 Pickies: The Hamlet Award

As I’m staring at the blinking cursor in front of me, I find myself amused at the irony as I present this award. Here I am with another (IMO) clever Pickie Award and I can’t really think of a great way to introduce it. When in doubt… go stream of consciousness. May I present myself with the Slaughterhouse Five Award?

Right...... this isn’t really about me.

This award goes to the classic over-thinker. Of course, since I never see any of you filling out your cards, I’m filling in the blanks here about what kind of player I think you are… but I’m thinkin' I’m not too far off with this one.

The Hamlet Award
And the Pickie goes to... Dave.

Dave is maybe the sharpest football fan (heck, sports fan) I know, but he was consistently average this year... so I attribute the mediocre scores to over-thinking the picks. UT or not UT... take the dog or the chalk? C'mon dude, it's not rocket science! (*ba-dum-chiish*)


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