2008 Pickies: The Devoted Alumnus Award

I'm aware that this league slants a bit toward the college game, but I'm not sure if it's the slant that influences the league talk or the college game itself that creates the type of fans that would join this league. Nevertheless (how did that ever become a word? itisjustthreewordswithnospaces!), I enjoy sharing the roller coaster that is the college football season that we all go through pulling for our respective schools (except zero-u talk... thanks for taking care of that Kyle).

This award celebrates the person most devoted to their school's football team. I'm not talking about just bleeding orange, purple, whatever sand aggies bleed (black?), or crimson. I'm not talking about breaking a wicker chair when your team loses. I'm not even talking about drinking yourself into a coma mid-game to numb the pain of a potentially unfavorable outcome. I'm talking about forfeiting bonus points to avoid jinxing your team's chances at a championship y'all.

The Devoted Alumnus Award
And the Pickie goes to... Curtis.

I don't really know Curtis outside of several emails back and forth during the football seasons, but my guess is that he lives and dies with the Tide... and he's a proud one too, his team name is 12 National Championships!

Runner-up: Dave (*his* team name is BevoXIV for the love and all that is hot sexy cattle)


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