2008 Pickies: In Memoriam

I could not pass this fake awards show off without an "in memoriam" segment.

For each of our fallen pick'em homies, I ask that you hold your applause (why do people clap at a picture of someone who just died anyway?) until the end of the email. If you are drinking while you are reading this email, you can pour a little out for those that you miss most.

Off-Season Passings:

RP - Randy Parsons, aka, uhh, Randy
: Randy took his picks seriously, and seemed to be a very busy dude. I even took his picks via cell phone a few times last year. But alas, he couldn't deal with the stress of 30 picks a week and he left us peacefully.

DD - Dean Decker, aka "The Wrecking Crew": Self proclaimed Jimmy "The Greek" (?), potential aggie (?), Bob's Carrier colleague (*check*)... I don't know much about Dean, but he claims Bob as a friend, so that is something in my book. Peace out little buddy.

DP - David Polyansky, aka "The Flying Toros"
: In doing some research for the "In Memorandum" segment, I realized David P was responsible for uttering one of the best advertisements for the league (aside maybe from "get your erin andrews filled kolaches here!"): "I went drinking one night and some attractive woman gave me this link." I can't figure out why I haven't pasted that somewhere on the blog yet. Thanks David P. R.I.P.

OB - Octave Brunet, aka "Underdog": Octave kind of got clipped in an accident. He was active in preseason emails, but then left the country for the first few weeks of the season and disappeared, possibly Patrick McDermott style. He was a Louisiana boy and LSU fan, so the loss only improved our demographic a bit. *duck* I kid the LSU fans!

JM - Jorge Marquez, aka "Nuno": aaaah Jorge... pickem minimalist. A quiet assassin. Let's just say he didn't really get up for all the Pick'em lagniappe... or emailing... Jorge was like that semi-warm body a few of you collected money from.

MJ - Michael Jureski, aka "Kentucky Colonals": I'm not big on apologies, but I'm also not sure the statute of limitations is up on my murder of Michael... eeerrr... I don't know what the heck happened to this guy. It wasn't because of this conversation, that's for sure:
MJ: "I keep getting 2 copies of these emails. Please remove this email account (mjureski@gardenridge.com) from this list. Thanks!"
GN: I keep getting 1 copy of these emails. Please remove my email account from this list too. -G*
Whoops. I thought it was funny at the time.

Mid-Season Passings:

JG - Jimmy Gwinn, aka "GMEN"
: Jimmy disappeared in Week 8. The search parties have given up hope of ever finding him. It's too bad... he was a decent playa.

KZ - Kimsey Hopkins, aka "The Mad Bomber"
: I am reasonably confident that Kimsey is OK, since I think Kirby would have broke any bad news to me about his little sister in Week 11. She'll be remembered most for her post midnight (Saturday morning) emails with her picks, which was often BEFORE she was going out. She also called me old man a lot, but hey, I was up partying (ok, drinking by myself with all the family sleeping in their respective rooms) and responding to her emails. So take that, young'un!


Coming up next... the final few awards...


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