2008 Pickies: The Technical Pickies

Most awards shows have that "other" show where they give out all the awards not worthy interesting enough for the big show. Since I gave out the Guest Poster of the Year Award earlier today, it seems like a good time to break and give a few technical pickies.

Post with the Most Unique Visitors:

20 different people visited this post... Hmm... I guess interest waned from there.

Runners up (tie):

(each had 14 unique visitors)

Most Active Day on the Website:
October 1st

What were *you* doing that day?

Most Used Label:
results (71)

And possibly more interesting, the least used labels were (all tied at 1)
- brewing
- errors <-- see, i rarely admit make them
- ou sux
- three illegals without insurance or id
- vote


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