2008 Pickies: The Silent (but not so) Deadly Award

We keep a small-ish group here, but there is plenty of room to ride somewhere between Amanda (she puts up with my online picking friends, but probably deletes all the emails) and Gary (who is frequently referenced, misquoted, and translated here). If you are winning, it's hard to ride the entire season under the radar *coughchrissneeze* without being called out. But with 15-20 people every year, that leaves the majority in of the league landing somewhere in the middle, regardless of perceived skill. So fear not, award recipient, there is always next year and we all find ourselves somewhere in the middle, like, most of the time.

The Silent (but not so) Deadly Award
And the Pickie goes to... Mark.

You may not have noticed, since he clearly played under the radar, but Mark had a bit of an off year. It’s cool dude, it happens to the best of us.

Runners-up: uhh... several of us


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