2008 Pickies: The Early Bird Award

All good things must come to an end. I never really know how to end these things, but I did think of something (and I can’t believe I never thought of this before)... an end of the year “awards” presentation.

I spent several hours coming up with this crap, and it is still rather unsatisfying. So to spice things up and to give us something to do until March Madness rolls around (someone needs to point me in the direction of a good NCAA Tourney pool), I'm going to stretch this "award show" out.

Every few days or so I'll present another award. This way it'll give you guys a chance to cheer, jeer, or give a little acceptance speech for the award. Each award will be sent by email and posted to the blog (for us to remember from here until the end of time... or the internet... whichever comes first).

Without further ado folks, may I present:

* I love the use of "first annual", so you can't make me change it

I can't think of a better way to get this thing started than with an award for the person who consistently sent their picks in the quickest.

The Early Bird Award
And the Pickie goes to...... Jess.

Jess often turned around his card in a matter of hours after it was sent. Too bad that landed him in the middle of the pack this year, but in his defense, that has been his strategy for years and has worked quite well in the past. Congrats Jess.

Runner-up: Amanda


Jess: It's not often I'm recognized for finishing quickly, but in this case I'll accept. Maybe the strategy will pay off a little better next year.

Crystal: I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Gary: I'm just leaving this one alone. Jess you just painted a big set of crosshairs with that email.

Greg: This may be the first award you've ever gotten for it... but I'm sure they've always noticed.

Bob: Wow...I'm speechless. At least Gary won't get mauled for spelling and grammar errors anymore.


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