2008 Pickies: The Lagniappe Award

I began creating football pickem games circa 1999 after getting hooked on the idea of making games exciting to watch without the huge letdown that goes with real gambling. At the time, it was just Amanda, myself, and the dog. Over the years, a game that was expanded among co-workers at Sempra turned into this motley crew of awesomeness that it is today. The football season is still every bit as exciting to me as it became in 1999, but soon pickem unexpectedly gave birth to a new little member of the awesomeness family. Every week, two, three, or six of you will send a little extra with your card. And soon what seemed like just diaper duty (so am I supposed to respond back to everyone's little note?) turned into a cute little awesome-child of the league.

Eh-em... uhhhh... where was I?? Oh yeah, awards... This award goes to the person that sends the best notes/anecdotes/random thoughts with their card. The award had a little competition this year, but one of you was both the most consistent and most entertaining.

The Lagniappe Award
And the Pickie goes to...... Kyle.

Kyle has a common theme to his card submission emails... he sent a rhyme with almost every card this year. Here's to using corporate internet to do lyric searches for rap songs! They were all very much appreciated.

Runners up: Amy/Carrie, Curtis


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