2008 Pickies: The Professor Award

I'm going to keep this thing rolling with award #2 in the 2008 Pickies. To juxtapose the Early Bird Award for "finishing quickly" (thank you Jess), this award goes to the person that took the longest to make their picks.... and I'm not talking about just being late, I'm talking about someone who researched and scrutinized their picks more than anyone else.

I present the 2nd award of the year (and I can't believe I'm not winning this award):

The Professor Award

And the Pickie goes to...... Rich.

Trust me, no one analyzed and re-analyzed their picks this year more than Rich. I remember years where competitors used to check the weather forecasts before making their picks, but Rich was all up on the gameday details, often sending his NCAA picks Saturday morning and his NFL picks Sunday morning. Unlike my picks, Rich's hard work seemed to mostly work (well, he didn't win either of the pickem contests). Well done Rich... and good luck next year.


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