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2008 Pickies: The Love Is Blind Award

We are all human... except Chris, he's a robot. But for the rest of us, most of our picks are made by rationalizing pickem decisions made from reasons lying somewhere between emotion and wisdom. Generally speaking, the more clouded your judgment or distorted your reasoning is... well let's just say the more money you are going to lose in Vegas.

I do a lot of research for my picks, but when it comes to regional matchups or games involving the Longhorns, I'm as guilty of being a homer as the next guy... although, I usually employ a reverse homer approach. For example, I often pick against Texas. This way if Texas covers, I'm happy (this usually means a win for the good guys). If they don't cover, well, at least I got the pick right. It's win/win! The same works for ou, but in the reverse.

Being a homer is one thing, but this award goes out to one of you that has taken emotional picking to a whole new level (no seriously, worse than my reverse homer approach).

The Love Is Blind Award
And the Pickie goes to... Amanda

Don't get me wrong, she'd pick her or him over us every day and twice on Sundays, but Amanda humors me by playing along in my league (fun fact: she and my old dog Louie were the charter members of this thing... i couldn't run any smack on those two). Amanda begrudgingly does her picks every week (sometimes after some "encouragement"). However, I don't want to imply that she doesn't put some thought in the card. She consistently picks for or against the same teams every single week. You ever see her pick the Cowboys? If so, it was a mis-click. Her weirdest fetish? Georgia. She picks Georgia every time they are on the card. Why? If you said the dog, you get a cookie.

Congrats on the award, Amanda. I can't say it's a solid winning strategy, but it's something.


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