2008 Pickies: The Kolache Award

If I were to name presenters for these awards, Dave would be my choice. Sometime a several weeks into the contest Dave sent me an email requesting the return of the open ended bonus question. I guess I had gotten kind of lazy in both the formulation of open ended questions and the duty of judging the answers. But it only took a few weeks of their return for me to remember how much fun it is using random (well actually pretty simple and precise) criteria to hand out ambiguously earned post season points. They also made for some entertaining (I think), but extremely time consuming to write (M. D. Anderson will be sending you a bill Dave) blog posts. A few of you were sometimes brilliant. Many of you were consistently funny. However, only one of you was most deserving of the first award given in this category, the award for the unofficial king of open ended bonus question answers.

The Kolache Award
And the Pickie goes to…… Kevin.

I’m not saying there weren’t a few a you who rocked the bonus questions, I’m just saying Kevin really knows how to work the system. Conjuring up middle school memories might have been cheap and unfair, but it works.

Runner-up (and a very close one at that): Kyle


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